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What better reason for rebuilding a website than breaking the old one by accident? Yeah. So, welcome, it is very dusty here, very much still under construction, but there are links. If you come back later, there will most likely be downloads too. Until then, click some links and enjoy!


So you like to read, too? Awesome! The bulk of my fic can be found on AO3. Most of that catalog is Person of Interest stories. I also have some ficlets and WIP snippets posted on tumblr.


My podfic catalog on AO3 is a mixed bag of fandoms. Some of my podfic is also posted to the Audiofic archive. For your listening pleasure, I've also linked my works below with direct download links.

Harold Finch in a pin-striped suit, neatly coiffed and smiling

[Podfic] Taglio e Rasatura

Written and Read by JinkyO.
Person of Interest - Harold gets a haircut or: The one where Harold can't help but be reminded he's not like everybody else.

MP3 (13MB No sound effects) | MP3 (17MB With sound effects) | AO3 page

Photo manipulation of Samuel Gerard and Richard Kimble standing against the Chicago skyline with text of the story title and creators.


Written by JinkyO. Read by sk_lee.
The Fugitive (1993) - Samuel Gerard can’t sleep, so he reflects on his past few years with Richard Kimble instead.

MP3 (9MB) | AO3 page

Black and white photo of an aerial view of midtown Manhattan with text of the story title and creators.

By Your Name

Written by Hagar. Read by JinkyO.
Person of Interest - Harold Finch & The Machine, Harold Finch & Nathan Ingram, John Reese/Kara Stanton, sound effects and audioscapes

MP3 | M4B | AO3 page

Color photo collage of Harold, John, Grace, and Nathan with story title and creator text.

If Not Now (Then When?)

Written by Hagar. Read by JinkyO.
Person of Interest - Relevance isn’t an absolute, you see; it’s defined relative to an objective. A human life can only ever be relevant to a machine. And yet, we care. Try to take that away from humanity, and I will end you. Sound effects and audioscapes

M4B (8MB) | AO3 page

Text message screen portraying a conversation between two story characters. The conversation is made up of the story title, name of writer, and names of readers.

[Full-Cast Podfic of] Mixed Media

Written by parsnips. Read by multiple readers.
Glee, White Collar, White Collar RPF - "USA Network to Premiere Newest Original Series 'WHITE COLLAR' Friday, October 23 at 10/9c". Blaine's life gets only gets weirder from there.

AO3 page

Kirk and Spock in uniform with title, author, and reader text - from the TV show Star Trek

[Podfic] Elements. A Sonnet Cycle

Written by T'Lara. Read by JinkyO for TLara
The Prisoner (1967). Author's original summary: Even rebellious youth needs something worth rebelling against.

MP3 (9MB) | AO3 page

[Podfic] The Man

Written by tsutsuji. Read by JinkyO for TLara
The Prisoner (1967) - Even rebellious youth needs something worth rebelling against.

MP3 (9MB) | AO3 page

Red tinged image of Hal 9000 observing a pensive looking Dave Bowman.

[Podfic] Aubade

Written by skazka. Read by JinkyO for TLara
2001: A Space Odyssey (1968) - Dr. Bowman loses himself in space. HAL is all too happy to find him again.

MP3 (50MB) | AO3 page


download: Do I Wanna Know?

I have a plotline in my head of what this vid is about and I love how open to interpretation it is. For me, it is all about the SUPER pining, angst, longing, and Johns utter devotion to Harold. It's not a completely healthy outlook on their relationship, but my goodness do some of the sequences still give me goosebumps! It took longer than usual to put this one together and I am very pleased with how this all came together.

download: Wolf At The Door -Samaritan vs The Machine

I have an attachment to TM and Sam. There is a bit of tragedy in their story. This vid also plumbs some of the darker themes of the show and an idea that feels more real everyday for me, the hidden hand guiding the actions of men. I'm very attached to this vid.

download: Carousel (Reese/Finch)

Swoon I adore this video so much! Carousel hits so many of the things I love about Reese/Finch. The vid is very self indulgent and still makes me happy. But what vidder doesn't see the faults too, and for me the faults are a high audio whine on one of the Greer dialog clips. I couldn't figure out how to mute the frequency without destroying his voice. There's also a sloppy clip cut/extra frame. I cut this vid 4 hard drives ago and can't find the master folder anymore, so the clip won't get re-cut :(

download: Ready or Not -The Machine

This is the baby of the video cataloge. I still enjoy watching it, but on every re-watch I see things I would do differently now. Given time, I'd love to remaster this with HD footage and expande The Machine's story with season 4 and 5 clips.

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